Jan 16, 2019
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Alien: Blackout: two teaser trailer appeared on Twitter

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Over the weekend, the internet has been in turmoil as soon as the official Alien page has released a very brief teaser trailer , which is explicitly mentioned by Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley and star of Alien: Isolation , the survival horror game Creative Assembly was released in 2014.

The first tweet was followed by a second one , which makes explicit reference to the fact that in 2019, 40 years after the death of the Nostromo (the commercial ship on which the mother traveled), Amanda “will discover the secrets left unresolved “.

It has been a while since we talk about a possible sequel to the game that, despite not having been a huge commercial success, has created around itself a large group of fans as well as being very loved by critics.

The insistence with two teaser trailers within a few hours of each other bode well that there is actually something going on and that, apparently, we can get our hands on it this year. Some time ago there were rumors about the possible name of the project, Alien: Blackout , for which a trademark was registered, but at the moment we have no further details.

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