Dec 27, 2018
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I tried Pocketalk and it is a real portent

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I spoke to you a few weeks ago about the arrival in Italy of a new simultaneous pocket translator: I put it to the test in the field, using many different languages.

In the past few days I have reported to you the news of Pocketalk’s pocket-sized translation in Italy that is also launched in Italy by Sourcenext.

In the last ten days I’ve had the chance to try it in real life, during my trip that took me to Germany, California, Hawaii and then back to California.

Italy is the third country where the product is made available after Japan and the United States, a privilege to be able to try it immediately to test its effectiveness in real life conditions.

A premise: a translator, of whatever type it may be, will never be like knowing a foreign language, but when you visit a country that you do not speak the language is a real lifeline.

Pocketalk, how it’s done

Pocketalk Pocket Translator is a compact object in its form, equipped with a battery, with a SIM inside that is enabled to work all over the world without any kind of problem.

Once the mobile network is activated, it is possible to use the connection to the mobile network practically all over the world, but if you want you can also take advantage of the connection to the wifi, where necessary. The only difficulty is writing on the keyboard provided, because it is microscopic and using your fingers is really difficult.

In case you have to use a wifi network with a password it is advisable to use a pen, so you do not miss the letters all the time.

Pocketalk is pocket-sized and light enough: the battery gave me almost a week of battery with a “medium” use, making a translation every ten minutes or so. The “official” promise is that of 7 hours of continuous conversation. At worst, you will not be able to download your Pocketalk before the end of the day, however you use it.

There is also a slot for an additional sim, in case you prefer to use a network that you know, or maybe because you prefer to check which network you are connected to. No need, but you can insert a Nano SIM.

Pocketalk, how it works

My son used Pocketalk to get around his poor knowledge of foreign languages, which we will try to remedy. While waiting for a solution, I entrusted him with the “soap” of Pocketalk during the trip and managed it without much difficulty.

There are two large buttons on the device, which correspond to the two selected languages. There are 74 available.

Select which languages ​​to use is very simple, above the two “buttons” there is a selection menu, by pressing which you access the selection of the most used languages. Next you have also the complete list with the 74 selections available.

The transition from one island to another is practically immediate.

To talk to a party, just press the button of your language, say the phrase and let Pocketalk translate.

After a few moments the translation appears on the display and a voice pronounces the phrase in the chosen language.

The phrases that are translated can be added to a list of favorite phrases, easily selectable from the menu.

The operation is therefore very simple and intuitive; true, there are additional options, but a user may not even know them, because the basic element is only one, the use of the two central buttons that activate the translation.

Pocketalk, my experience

As anticipated at the beginning, I have been using Pocketalk for several days, sharing it with my son: the ability to interpret the phrases pronounced is very high, with the only question related to the questions, because the device does not interpret the tone, but we must add “point of question “to the sentence, which is not always immediate and intuitive.

But even when he used it my son was able to understand well both his sentences and those of the interlocutors.

Excellent battery, which has always accompanied me for several days without any problem.

Pocketalk, prices and availability

A few days ago you can find Pocketalk for sale in Italy at the price of 299 euros. If you are a traveler or for some reason your business brings you into contact with people whose language you do not know, it is a really top solution.

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