Feb 9, 2019
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iPad Pro 11 ” (2018): the beautiful slate of Apple

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After the passage of the iPad Pro version 12.9 inches in our labs, it is now the turn of his twin, smaller (11 inches) to take a ride on our test benches. It benefits from fairly close characteristics, in a lighter body. The price is also more “light” since this iPad is available from € 899 in its 64 GB version. It will cross the bar of € 1,000 to add the 4G (€ 1,069 precisely). A positioning well above the most serious competition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 , launched this summer at 699 €.

For its new vintage, Apple has decided to remove the central button and replace it with Face ID and iOS navigation available on smartphones from the iPhone X. This allows the screen to occupy more surface (83% of the facade). A significant gain and particularly pleasing to the eye. Not enough to interfere with this, since the neutral point technology ignores a permanently laid finger. With this new front, the iPad Pro 11 ” (247.6 x 178.5 x 5.9 mm) is almost the size of the iPad 2018 in 9.7 ” (240 x 169.5 x 7 , 5 mm), to a few millimeters.

Thanks to Face ID technologies, the unlocking of the iPad Pro 11 ” becomes as fluid as that of the latest iPhone. The camera is also very responsive and instantly spot the face of the owner. The unlock button is also well placed and is useful at the time of a purchase with a double pressure related to the Face ID.

In the radius of news, Lightning connectivity disappears, bartered against the USB-C. And as on the latest iPhone, Apple does not offer 3.5mm mini jack or adapter.

If the iPhone has switched to the Oled, this is not yet the case for iPad Pro. It will be necessary to do with a slab IPS displaying in 1,668 x 2,388 px for a resolution of 265 dpi. Fortunately, this is a good quality IPS screen, with excellent colorimetry (delta E measured at 1.4, so much lower than 3 which symbolizes the threshold where the eye perceives the drifts). The downside is on the side of the color temperature, positioned at 7,052 K, when the ideal value turns rather to 6,500 K. By the way, note that it is necessary to overcome the True Tone to obtain this value.

Able to adapt to many situations, this screen achieves a great difference in brightness from 617 cd / m² to 2.6 cd / m². It will therefore be just as good for night situations as in full sun. Performance is all the more pleasing as the reflectance is now at a minimum value (4.23%). On the rest, the slab offers good performance, with a minimal touch delay (36 ms) and a low remanence time (12 ms).


In terms of performance, the Ipad Pro 11 ” is simply impeccable. With its A12X Bionic chip, it is able to run iOS without any problem. No application or feature of the App Store scares the slate of Apple. Video game side, no problem either. Even the most greedy software is not enough to push the iPad Pro 11 ” to its limits. The game is done smoothly, without loss of graphic quality.

The iPad Pro 11 ” heats almost no, even after shooting for more than 10 minutes in Full HD.


Like iPhone XS, XS Max and XR, Apple does not provide a 3.5mm mini-jack or USB-C adapter. It is therefore impossible for us to perform our tests. Each user will have to rely on the quality of their wireless headset or USB-C adapter. However, despite this, the iPad Pro 11 ” escapes the penalty rating of two stars. The use of a tablet is different from that of a smartphone, it seems severe to punish it on the basis of the jack mini-jack. Especially since its four speakers, located on the side edges, are very well made. The stereo is good, the volume powerful enough to provide a good experience and the sound very clear.


Equipped with the same camera equipment as the 12.9-inch version, the iPad Pro in 11 inches is pretty good in photo. With its rear module with a 12-megapixel sensor and a lens opening at f / 1.8, it achieves rather good shots in full brightness. The details are well present, the colors are respected, balanced white balance, all despite a slightly noticeable smoothing.

But as often, it’s at night that the shoe pinches. The details are lost, the colors fade, lack of a smoothing that is exacerbated. A result for the less disappointing given the results of the version in 12.9 ”.

At the front, the 7MP front-end module does a good job. It allows selfies of better quality than most of its competitors. What to do quietly video conferencing.


Like its big brothers, the iPad is able to hold a little over 10 hours for a classic use. The management of the watch is also irreproachable. Abandoned, slate loses very little autonomy. On our Netflix standalone test, this 11-inch iPad Pro held for 12:40. An honorable score, although below its direct competitors such as the Galaxy Tab S4.

Equipped with the USB-C provided with the tablet, it takes a little less than three hours to fully charge the iPad Pro 11 inches.

Interface & OS

The iPad Pro 11 ” ships iOS 12. An operating system mostly intuitive enough and fluid to facilitate the most traditional tasks. The disappearance of the button is perfectly compensated by navigation by gestures. Small flat, it remains quite frustrating to have to slide his finger up to get to the home screen. Difficult to measure the limits of iOS here, however, as we explained in our test version 12.9 ”. The iPad, yet very powerful, is finally quite limited by the catalog of applications available at this time on the Apple Store. Not enough to make a serious candidate to replace a laptop in short.

The keyboard and stylus compete for fluidity. Magnetized, they moor easily and comfortably to the terminal to offer an effective implementation. All is not perfect, that said. Some slight snags in terms of fluidity are noted here and there. It is sometimes necessary to insist on a text field to write there whereas the simple fact of typing should suffice.


This new iPad Pro vintage is a little closer to the ideal tablet. Easy to use, it offers a quality slab (even if it is only in IPS) and speakers as clear as powerful; enough to fully enjoy a series or movie. Gamers and videoconferencing addicts will also benefit from a powerful chip and a good camera. Added to this is a real added value on the design side. With the disappearance of the main button, Apple managed to fit the 11-inch slab into the body of the iPad 2018 in 9.7 inches, just a few millimeters. A pleasant space saving that makes it a perfect companion.

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