Jun 15, 2020
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Razer unveils Pikachu earbuds

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“Catch them all !” For its new wireless headphones, Razer will take a look at the Pokémon video games and be inspired by the most famous of them. The American computer company is launching its earbuds in tribute to Pikachu and the least we can say is that they will appeal to fans of Japanese games. The cotton swab design is reminiscent of that of Apple AirPods, except for one detail, they are bright yellow and the silhouette of Pikachu has slipped into the base of the headphones. If you are not yet convinced, Razer strikes hard and fulfills the dream of all apprentice trainers. To recharge their pair of headphones, users can use a case largely inspired by the universe.It is a Pokéball which will allow you to benefit from all the autonomy of the earbuds. Transportable, it allows you to recharge them up to 5 times and that’s more than necessary when you know that the battery lasts only three hours. You will therefore have to take your Pokéball with you.

Credit: Razer
For the rest of the technical characteristics, we are still far from the market leaders since its headphones do not offer active noise reduction. According to Gizmodo , they still display a good quality of bass. Intended for now in China, the product will be sold at 120 dollars. The launch of these headphones will be on April 16 and nothing indicates that they will arrive in our green lands. Razer does not stop there and adds other gadgets to its Pikachu range . To display his love for the franchise, it will be possible to get a keyboard and a yellow mouse like the coat of the little Pokémon. Not sure, however, that this flashy design is suitable for all fans of the franchise. It remains to be seen whether the brand will meet the expected success when launching its range.

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