Jan 3, 2019
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Review Huawei Band 3e, to repair the damage of the holidays

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In the very crowded market of low-cost smart bands, Huawei’s device also arrives, which challenges Xiaomi’s.

If you have done damage during the Christmas holidays, here is the review Huawei Smart Band 3e, a tool that can help you put things right and regain the shape of all time.

The new smartband of Huawei is clearly the answer to Xiaomi and its Mi Band, because it comes on the market at a price of just over 2 ‘and fits into a market where the price has the upper hand on the completeness of the proposal .

No heartbeat and GPS

I start with the list of what is missing because they could be two important elements: there are indeed the heartbeat sensor and the GPS.

If you want to bore your friends on social networks by posting the path of your Sunday corset, you will need the phone in your pocket as well as the smartband on your wrist.

Huawei Band 3e, the technical card

RAM : 384 KB
WEIGHT : 6 grams without bracelet, 11 grams with bracelet
DIMENSIONS : 40.5 X 14.8 X 11.2 MM
COLORS : black, pink, orange, gray and light blue
BATTERY : 12 days with daily sports activities, 21 days standby and 40 hours in shoes mode
WATERPROOF : Yes, up to 5 atmospheres
SENSORS : Gyroscope, accelerometer
Huawei Band 4e compatibility
The Huawei Band 3e smartband is compatible with Android and iOS, but it is essential to download the application Huawei Health and register to the platform to be able to match the bracelet.

Through the Huawei Health application, you can manage software updates and share data with both the iOS Health app and Google Fit on Android.

The application is complete and collects all the information that is managed by Huawei Band 4e, which may change depending on how it is worn.

There is in fact a mode that allows you to wear it on shoes, hooking it to the strings and in that case you can also measure the length of the single stride and the detachment from the ground of your step.

Measured activities

The recent Huawei Band 3e measures 7 different types of running data and records the sporting activity automatically, with two modes of use: on the wrist or on the shoes.

Huawei Band 3e shows on the display the time, the number of steps taken, the calories burned and the distances traveled, for all the most complete data and for the information on sleep the app is essential.

The sleep information shows the total duration and that of the various phases, ie light sleep, deep sleep and the period when you are awake at night.

As anticipated, there is no sensor for the heartbeat.


Battery life depends very much on how you use it. If you do an hour of exercise a day, you will get up to 12 days of autonomy.

If instead you take your bracelet and put it on the desk just for the pleasure of seeing if you download, you will arrive at 21 days between charges, while if you put it on your shoes, you will have 40 hours of time before having to change from a charger.

To recharge Huawei Band 3e you will need to use an adapter for the USB socket, a solution that I do not like but it is unfortunately the only one that guarantees waterproofness.

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