Nov 27, 2018
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Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with keyboard: can you replace a PC?

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I’ve been using the new Samsung tablet for several weeks now, even in its most complete version with the original keyboard. How does it work?

I’ve been trying a Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 with keyboard for several days : many of you seeing on Facebook and Twitter the photos of the test have asked me if this tablet with Android operating system can replace a traditional computer.

The answer is: it depends. It depends on what you do with the PC.

If in your life there are particular applications or software in the windows world that are specific to your work, the answer is obviously not, but if like the vast majority of those who use a laptop to work in reality use documents, spreadsheets, mail and navigation, the answer is 100% positive.

It remains to be seen if the exchange rate is convenient from an economic point of view, since the combined tablet and keyboard is likely to cost you almost 800 euros, a price to which you can also buy very fast and complete netbooks.

You have to choose which is the most important detail: the 4G connection or the USB ports to attach peripherals? A super AMOLED display with crazy colors of the S4 tab or the more spacious keyboard typical of a notebook?

The price theme remains one of the fundamental discriminants, but it is also one of the topics on which only you can make acceptable assessments.

If you want a “wifi only” model, the price is around 550 euros, if you want the LTE model, you need at least 100 euros more.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: the keyboard is an added value

In all senses. Because it is certainly an advantage over “simple” use as a tablet and adds the ability to write even long texts with a reasonable level of comfort.

The keys have a very soft (maybe even too much), but very pleasant, as often happens with the tablets you have to pay a price in terms of key spacing.

When the keyboard is connected, the tablet automatically goes into ” Samsung Dex ” mode, the version of the software that comes closest to a PC, with a visualization of the app in windows, exactly like that of Windows.

Obviously, compared to the solution of a PC, you do not find the professional software of the Microsoft world, but you can use the suite of Office programs for Android, as well as programs for productivity of Google, which today I think are one of the best forms of sharing of work that can be used.

Another strong point is that of the S-Pen, in “primordial” version, that is without the bluetooth transmitter that today is installed on the nib of the Galaxy Note 9.

But in any case, even without this option, the nib is a very useful tool with all the ad hoc programs produced by Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4: the technical card

To know all about the technical aspects of Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, just read the article below.

In summary I can tell you that you have a Snapdragon 835 processor, 4 GB of RAM, internal memory from 64 to 256 GB, 10.5-inch display with QHD definition, rear camera 13 max, 8-mpx front, 7.306 mAh battery.

It weighs 483 grams, the dimensions are 249.3 x 164.3 x 7.1, there is a USB type-C connector with standard 3.1.

Price and availability

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is in LTE version at 580 euros ; if you are looking for the wifi only version, the price becomes 552 euros.

But does the computer replace it or not?

After all this writing, the answer remains that, that is, DEPENDS. But I think I can say that for 90% of people the answer can be positive. Mail, browsing, writing documents and spreadsheets go great and are used like on a PC.

But perhaps the answer should be given to you: would you need a S4 tab instead of a PC?

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