Jun 5, 2019
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The OnePlus 7 Pro display gets A + certified

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The anticipation on the name of one of the upcoming OnePlus models is also confirmed

The OnePlus 7 Pro display gets A + certified
Just a few days to go before the OnePlus 7 Pro launches and the company is beginning to rattle off some information on what we should expect from the new products.

In particular, today we discover that display mate has awarded A + certification to the screen of the new OnePlus 7 Pro .

And there are two news: the first is that we have the certainty that the display is excellent, but above all that rumors are confirmed that one of the models that will be presented will be called OnePlus 7 Pro .

The official OnePlus press release
OnePlus is proud to announce that the new OnePlus 7 Pro has received an A + Top Tier rating from DisplayMate for its record screen which makes it one of the best smartphone displays on the market .

DisplayMate is the world leader in screen evaluation and is known for conducting thorough and complete laboratory tests on smartphone screens.

After going through the most rigorous and complete evaluation processes, OnePlus 7 Pro exceeded expectations and raised the standards in the field of smartphone screens.

Accuracy in color rendering, brightness, contrast accuracy and pixel density: OnePlus 7 Pro achieved an excellent score in all parameters and offers a significantly better, sharper and more pleasant viewing experience.

In addition, users can also adjust the display’s color range and color temperature to achieve the screen calibration that best suits their needs.

Not only does the OnePlus 7 Pro display offer a flawless viewing experience , but it protects your eyes better even after long hours of use.

The display has received the “Safety for Eyes” certification from the VDE Testing and Certification Institute, an independent and neutral institute, for its ability to best filter harmful blue lights.

Its new eye protection features allow for adjustable temperature and brightness to improve eye comfort.

The high-performance display of OnePlus 7 Pro is amazing to look at from every angle and presents a fluidity that words alone cannot do it justice.

DisplayMate Technologies will publish an in-depth article on display technology on the device at the same time as its launch event, to be held on May 14th.

With this evaluation of the A + Top Tier display obtained from DisplayMate, OnePlus sets a new benchmark for smartphone displays: it is once again the industry leader, pushing technology beyond the limits and sharing the best news available with the world.

When it comes to offering the best possible experience to users, as always, OnePlus keeps to its motto: NEVER SETTLE.

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